Organic hemp infusion – SLEEP
  • Organic hemp infusion – SLEEP

Organic hemp infusion – SLEEP

CBD 140mg - 25% | THC 0%

Alpinium's infusion "Sleep" is an organic chamomile infusion balanced with hemp leaves (25%) and the sweetness of blueberry flowers. This infusion has a flowery fragrance and is enriched by fruity and tasty notes. Its bluish colour will seduce all infusion lovers. An infusion with organic hemp for a serene evening and a restful night. To be consumed without moderation.

  • Ingredients


    Hemp (25%), date, apple, lemon balm, fennel, raspberry leaves, chamomile, carrot, lemon peel, verbena leaves, natural aroma, hop flowers, St. John's wort, peach, lavender, blueberry flowers.

    Fromorganic farming.

  • Consumption


    Consuming Sleep organic hemp tea allows you to purify and relax your body to help you sleeping after an intense sport effort. Regular consumption of this organic infusion does not cause any risk of overdose.

    Infuse 1 - 2 teaspoons in 25cl of simmering water at 90° for 7 minutes. Add milk, cream or fat for a better extraction and assimilation of the cannabinoids.

  • Storage


    Keep away from light and heat. Close the package tightly after opening. The tea can be stored for 30 months after the production date.


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